Arthur C. Clarke Award winners exemplify the broad expanse of themes and initiatives undertaken in the name of Sir Arthur, and reflect the continuing growth of the Foundation and its mission.

2016 Arthur C. Clarke Awards

2016 Awards: Jeff Bezos, Bran Ferren, and NASA

2015 Arthur C. Clarke Awards

 2014 Arthur C. Clarke Awards

2013 Arthur C. Clarke Awards

2012 Arthur C. Clarke Awards


The “Arthur C. Clarke Innovator’s Award”

This award recognizes initiatives or new inventions that have had recent impact on or hold particular promise for satellite communications and society, and stand as distinguished examples of innovative thinking.

Previsous Awardees

2011: Elon Musk, for his ambitious career-long pursuit of three “important problems” near and dear to the heart of Sir Arthur Clarke – the Internet, clean energy, and space.

2010: S. Pete Worden, for his many decades of leadership in space exploration

2009: Steven Squyres, for pioneering work in the exploration of the planet Mars

2007/2008: Peter Diamandis, for pioneering work in the promotion of personal spaceflight (Cosmos Club)

2006: Robert T. Bigelow, for pioneering development of versatile space habitats (Cosmos Club)

2005: Dr. Brad Edwards, for creating a company and taking the lead in the design of a space elevator that could move cargo to the Clarke Orbit from the Earth’s Surface, 2005 (Cosmos Club)

2003: D.K. Sachdev and Joseph Campanella, for designing and implementing the world’s first audio broadcasting satellite (Kreeger Art Musuem, 2003)

The “Arthur C. Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award”

This award recognizes an individual, a group or an entity that exemplifies the values and accomplishments of Sir Arthur’s life. The award honors substantial and enduring contributions that relate the sciences and arts in meeting the challenges of contemporary life and the needs of tomorrow.

To submit a nomination for either award, please send the Foundation a letter. Please indicate whether the nomination is for the “Innovator’s Award” or the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” The letter should describe in detail the justifications in support of the nomination, and include a curriculum vita for the nominee or the nominees. Each submission should be signed by two nominators.

Nominations are evaluated by an independent selection committee that includes: Takashi Iida, Director General of the Communications Research Lab of Japan; and Conny Kullman, Chairman of Intelsat. The awards are made possible through generous donations from corporations and individuals around the world.

Previous Awardees

2011: Dr. Freeman Dyson, for his exceptional career across multiple disciplines, including quantum electrodynamics, invention of the Dyson series, his work more than half a century ago in the use of nuclear power for space flight, design work on the TRIGA, a small, inherently safe nuclear reactor used throughout the world in hospitals and universities for the production of isotopes, and other initiatives.

2010: Giuliano Berretta, for his longstanding advocacy of commercial satellite communications.

2009: Ray Kurzweil, for lifetime achievement as an inventor and futurist in computer-based technologies

2007/2008: David W. Thompson, for visionary leadership in creative space systems and missions (Cosmos Club)

2006: Walter Cronkite, for bringing the wonders of space into our lives (Cosmos Club)

2005: Ben Bova, Noted Science Fiction Writer (Cosmos Club)

2004: Claude Goumy, former Chairman of the Board of Marconi-Matra, founder of EADS (Cosmos Club)

2003: Robert Berry, Chairman of the Board, Space Systems, Loral (Kreeger Art Museum)

2002: Santiago Astrain, first Director General of Intelsat (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)