Young Leaders

The Arthur C. Clarke Young Leaders’ Initiatives: Imagination and Society

​The youth initiatives began in early 2017 with the first Video Youth Challenge on Imagination and Society.  Top winners of the challenge were awarded a trip to the 100th birthday  gala and were invited to participate in the youth and intergenerational conversations earlier that day.

The Clarke Young Leaders’ Initiatives was premised on the power of adding the element of Imagination to STEAM education, or I-STEAM, for building a healthy tomorrow.  In addition to Youth Challenges, we will also launch Clarke Clubs, where young people worldwide can have fun applying their imaginations with their knowledge to develop and execute service projects in their communities.

​We are pleased to be partnering with Youth Service America, the inspiration behind Global Youth Day and other youth service programs, in presenting the Young Leaders Initiatives.

Video Challenge

Our contenders for the 2017 Video Challenge were given the following prompt:

​Imagine the world in 2042. What do you see? What types of machines have been invented? What tools do we have in our everyday lives? And what problems do we face?

​Now imagine a solution to one of those problems. Think far outside what you already know and design a solution that can have an impact on your future community. This innovation can be in science, technology, art, or design. Arthur C. Clarke used film and storytelling to explore what the future will look like. Using his inspiration, we challenge you to do the same. Push far beyond what is possible today, think past what you are learning in school, and develop an imaginative solution that can be practically applied to a problem that you believe needs solving today so that the world by 2042 is better for it.

Produce a 3-5 minute video in which you demonstrate how you, or you and others, will bring change to the world and convince viewers with your video. Let your imagination run wild; the results might just be out of this world.

​Browse the winning submissions for our 2017 Video Challenge, and stay tuned for information about our upcoming 2018 challenge!

The Food Crisis

Lucy Weems

Fresh Water


Water Crisis

Shreya Shete