Partnerships & Affiliations

Partnerships & Affiliations

Affiliated Groups and Awards in Honor of Sir Arthur C. Clarke by Partner Organizations


American Visionary Art Museum

The museum gave its first visionary award to Arthur C. Clarke in 2008. The AVAM is the leading art museum in the United States dedicated to visionary art and education of young people in a diversity of arts, crafts and architecture—particularly with a visionary flair.

The Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction

The Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction is granted every year to the best science fiction novel which received its first British publication during the previous calendar year. The Award is chosen by jury. The Award was established with a generous grant from Arthur C. Clarke with the intention of encouraging science fiction in Britain. The Award was set up in 1986 and the first winner was announced in 1987. The Award is administered jointly by the British Science Fiction and the Science Fiction Foundation, each of whom provides two judges each year. Recently, the Science Museum has joined the Award and provides one judge each year.

National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing Sir Arthur Clarke’s legacy, and to share that opportunity with like-minded institutions. An excellent example is the vibrant partnership with the NCESSE in the U.S. for the establishment of their international arm—the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education. This project was formally endorsed by Sir Arthur just shortly before his death.Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education (text already developed)

Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technology

The Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies (ACCIMT) is a State Institution for Research & Development and Training at Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. The Institute specializes in the disciplines of Electronics, Micro-electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Space Technologies, Robotics and other related fields of modern technologies. Established in its present corporate form as a Statutory Board by the Science and Technology Development Act No. 11 of 1994, the Institute is operating within the purview of the Ministry of Technology and Research. The Clarke Foundation has conducted workshops with the Institute on the design and manufacture of VSAT satellite terminals and supported the overseas graduate study of the Institute’s staff.

British Interplanetary Society

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation works closely with the British Interplanetary Society, an organization that Sir Arthur Clarke headed as President in its earliest years. The British Interplanetary Society is renaming its London headquarters as “The Arthur C. Clarke House” and also working with the Foundation on several projects in Britain.

International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS)

International Space Safety Foundation (ISSF) and the Space Safety Magazine The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation has a close working relationship with the IAASS, the ISSF and the Space Safety Magazine to further the cause of space safety design, research, standards and education. The John L. McLucas Fund has sponsored workshops on space safety and efforts to create new educational initiatives in this area.

International Space University

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation has worked closely with the International Space University for many years. The Foundation in earlier years provided support to individual students to attend the university. More recently it has through the Dr. John L. McLucas Fund provided grants to student team project to study space safety. In addition it now supports the endowed fellowship in space sustainability created in Arthur C. Clarke’s name also through the John L. McLucas Fund.

Robert Huish College, Sixth Form, Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

The original Huish School in Taunton was where Arthur C. Clarke attended school many years ago. The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation grants an annual prize to the top student in science at the Huish College.

Solar Electric Light Fund

The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is dedicated to fighting climate change and global poverty with solar power. Its motto is Energy is a Human Right. The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation worked with the Solar Electric Light Fund to develop the Millennium Village project in 2000 and 2001 that was dedicated to providing solar electric energy, educational and health services, and job training for remote villages in Sri Lanka.