Arthur C. Clark Foundation Recognizes David Thompson with “Arthur”

July 4, 2011 — At the annual UK Space Conference held at Warwick University, David Thompson, Founder and Chairman of Orbital Sciences Corporation, received the Arthur C. Clarke Award for International Space Achievement.

This is one of a series of awards (known as “The Arthurs”) made each year for achievements in the areas of space development, education and journalism. The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation is responsible for selecting the winner of the International Award and the trophy was presented to David Thompson by two of the Foundation’s UK-based Directors, Peter Marshall and Alistair Scott (pictured) when David was in London a few days earlier.

In his remarks following the presentation, Thompson paid tribute to the foresight of Arthur C. Clarke for his part in creating the opportunities for successive generations to develop space communications and transportation. He also spoke of the work now being carried out by Orbital Sciences Corporation to develop the Taurus system which is aiming to provide transportation to and from the International Space Station in succession to the NASA Space Shuttle – “starting with unmanned supply missions and later moving on to manned flights.”

Peter Marshall (left) and Alistair Scott (right), members of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Board of Directors, present the Arthur award to David Thompson, Founder and Chairman of Orbital Sciences Corporation.