The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation regards Sir Arthur’s work as an unparalleled synthesis of science, literature, and social concern. History will list him among the few whose insights ranged most broadly in our comprehension of the universe we live in, the way we live in it, and the responsibility we have to improve our world.

The Foundation exists to advance these insights. As with Sir Arthur’s myriad accomplishments, the routes [the Foundation] employs are separate. Their destinations are the same:

  • Stimulate creative use of communications technologies and social resources to improve health, education, and the quality of life for people everywhere, with emphasis on the needs of developing countries.
  • Integrate science and technology with literature, film, and other means of outreach to enhance recognition of our increasingly complex, interconnected world.
  • Deepen public understanding of science and technology, and their impact on humanity and our world.

To carry out its mission, the Foundation has created and oversees annual awards, educational programs, lectures, fellowships, travel grants, and endowments to commemorate the life and works of the world famous writer and scientist who died in 2008.