Board Members

Walda W. Roseman, Chair

Edward Horowitz, Vice-Chair
Timothy J. Logue, Treasurer
Dr. Joseph S. Bravman, Director
Dr. Martin Collins, Director
Hon. Diana Lady Dougan, Director
Angie Edwards, Director
David Helfgott, Director
Peter Marshall, Director
Hon. Tedson J. Meyers, Director
Monica Morgan, Executive Director
Michael R. Nelson, Director
Alistair Scott, Director

Directors Emeritus

Frederick C. Durant III
Susan Irwin
Frederick I. Ordway III
Stephen Trachtenburg
Joseph N. Pelton

Founding Board

List below are the Founding Board Members of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation—

John McLucas, Chairman
Former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force and Administrator of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Joseph N. Pelton, Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Founder of the Society of Satellite Professionals International and an Officer of the Intelsat Organization

Fred Durant, Executive Director
Assistant Director of the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution

Burton I. Edelson, Associate Director
Comsat Laboratories

Elizabeth Young, Secretary/Treasurer
Officer of the Comsat General Corporation

Tedson Meyers, Counsel
Partner in Peabody and Meyers

Al Horley
Satellite Communications Consultant and Investor

Edwin Parker
President, Equatorial Communications

Henry Hockeimer
President, Ford Aerospace Corporation

Alfred “Bud” Wheelon
President, Hughes Aircraft Company

Ben Bova
Author and Editor