The Huish College Award: “In the Footsteps of Arthur C. Clarke”

April 2, 2012

The 2012 winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award at Huish College, Taunton, UK (where Arthur was a teen-age student in the 1930’s) is Rhianna White – the first female winner. The monolith trophy, together with a certificate, a copy of an Arthur C. Clarke book, and a check from the Foundation, were presented at the annual College Prizegiving on March 27th by two UK-based Directors of the Foundation, Alistair Scott and Peter Marshall.

Rhianna is 18 and comes from Wiveliscombe, in Somerset UK. She is 18 and will now be going to Corpus Christi College at Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences. At Huish, she gained A* grades in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology.

The Huish Citation accompanying her award said: “Rhianna achieved so much at the College and showed great innovation in her work. Her solutions to problems were always logical … and she finds the most interesting ways to tackle problems from a wide range of angles and particularly in abstract concepts. She had an appetite for researching way beyond the confines of A-level and scientific theories that would test an undergraduate chemistry.”

About The Huish College Award

In 2009, the Foundation created a new annual award for students in the UK at the school which Arthur C. Clarke attended in the 1930’s. It was then Huish School in the Somerset town of Taunton –- which for the young Arthur was a 30-minute cycle ride from his home at Ballifants farm. As the local population expanded, the school became the Huish Sixth Form College for some 900 pre-university students –- and in the new modern building, the impressive Resource Centre used by the students is named for Arthur C. Clarke and features a plaque and photograph commemorating the school’s most famous ex-pupil.

The successful student each year is chosen by the Principal and senior staff in accordance with the criteria set out by the Foundation:

To recognize a range of achievements at Sixth Form level (i.e. pre-University) which demonstrate outstanding qualities of innovation and imagination, in the footsteps of Arthur C. Clarke. These achievements should be shown to engender appreciation, understanding and the use of imagination in science, technology, the arts and social policy.

At the annual prize-giving event at the College, representatives of the Foundation present the winner with a trophy (based on the monolith from “2001 – a Space Odyssey”) together with a bursary, a certificate and a copy of an Arthur C. Clarke book.

The winners to date are:

2009 – James Searle
2010 – David Middleton-Gear
2011 – Jonathan Sykes
2012 – Rhianna White